Afternoon Tea with Links of London

Yesterday, thanks to Links of London I had afternoon tea in Selfridges. To celebrate their new afternoon tea range, they treated me to afternoon tea. I decided to go to Selfridges because well, why would you not want to go there. Right in the middle of the lower ground floor Dolly’s offers impeccably dressed waiters and a rather 1920s feel. My sister and I ordered classic afternoon tea for two which was made up of 4 finger sandwiches each, a fruit scone, a plain scone, two beautiful pastries and of course, an unlimited amount of tea.


The food was lovely especially the roast chicken sandwich however I am definitely not a fan of smoked salmon sandwiches! The pastries were amazing, in all honesty this is the main reason I chose Selfridges. Every time I walk through the Selfridges food hall I stare through the glass at the beautiful pastries. I mean you have to admit from the photo above they may look small, but they also look amazing.


So the whole point of this outing was to celebrate Links of London’s new afternoon tea range. Everyone I know who has Links of London bracelets have charms that mean something to them so when Links of London told me they had a new teapot charm my first thought was, it’s perfect for me. I drink about 6 cups of tea a day (hence why it says tea addict on my twitter profile and also on my blog), it’s definitely fair to say that I love tea. Of course, my trip to Selfridges for afternoon tea was the perfect occasion to wear my new teapot charm*.



I have only been for afternoon tea once before mainly because it definitely is a treat, although I was teasing my parents yesterday claiming that now I live in London afternoon tea in Selfridges is a regular occurrence! It was such a lovely thing for my sister and I to do, something a little different spending some time being all sophisticated with tea and scones.




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Black Denim and a Baseball Tee

Baseball Tee




Hopefully, now I am in London the background for my blog photos will be a little more adventurous however until I settle in and get my life in some sort of order you are stuck with the wall of my parents house! So as my boyfriend pointed out this is a little bit grungy but I love this look. I have wanted a baseball tee for ages and thanks to Medusu UK* I can finally stop borrowing my little brothers as I now have my own. It’s so great as a ‘shove on’ t-shirt with jeans and trainers. This time I decided to style my black and white baseball tee * with the latest addition to my skirt collection. Although I have a similar skirt is blue denim my love of everything black resulted in me buying this one. Now I have some devastating news. After over a year of being worn nearly every day my trusty boots kind broke as one of the side straps came off. However, this does just give me an excuse to buy new boots and I got the most dreamy Topshop boots as a replacement.

Keep an eye out for my first London working life update!



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My Interview Outfit








So today I had my first day working at Karen Millen as a digital content intern. As you read this I will probably be sitting on the subway half asleep. I haven’t worked full time in so long it is definitely going to be a shock to the system especially after the hectic few days I have had moving to London. I thought I would share with you what I wore to my interview. The top I am wearing has already featured in a few blogs as I absolutely love it especially the high neck. I paired it with these beautiful pink culottes from ZARA, which I bought on Oxford Street about 3 hours before my interview, I know, talk about last minute. Anyway, I have never managed to find a pair of culottes I have liked on me usually because they are too structured however these ones fit great and I like the unstructured baggy look they give. Finally, I wore my flatform Topshop sandals (which have sadly sold out so I have offered an ASOS alternative). I mainly chose to wear these because it was too hot to wear anything other than sandals that day but also cause they finished off the look perfectly. I absolutely love this outfit and will no doubt be wearing it to work until it gets too cold for sandals.




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I’m Moving to LONDON

So I thought I would share some exciting changes that have happened in my life. I have had a crazy week! In the space of 5 days, I have had an interview, GOT A JOB AND MOVED TO LONDON!! I have spent the last 4 days packing up my wardrobe, saying goodbye to family and friends and I am now about to board a flight to move to London!! It’s fair to say the last 4 days have been a crazy whirlwind of tears and celebrations and madness but this is such an exciting adventure and tomorrow morning it will officially be my first day working at Karen Millen as a digital content intern!

This will probably result in a lot of blog posts on the subject of moving to London and working in the fashion industry so keep an eye out for updates on how I am getting on!


IMG_0141 - Copy



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Why Do You Go On Holiday?

Last week the lovely girls from emailed me and asked a very difficult question, Why do you go on holiday? No one had ever asked me this before and I had never thought about it, I just like going on holiday. To inspire me they gifted me with this amazing scratch off world map* which was so much fun although, it has just made me realise how little of the world I have seen! I mean the fact that my parents took me to France 14 times hasn’t helped the situation. I really need to start travelling more!

Scratch World Map

Scratch World Map


When it comes to holidays I research every aspect before I decide where to go. I spend hours reading reviews checking there is a lot to do, even making an itinerary etc… Then once it’s finally all booked and the holiday approaches the packing begins and yes I am one of those people that loves packing for a holiday. While we are on the topic of packing I came across a problem this summer when I was going to Tenerife and someone mentioned something I had never even considered. I was really struggling to get my suitcase under 15kg mainly because of my toiletries. Someone then asked me why I didn’t just buy stuff like shampoo and hairspray etc at the airport after going through security; it was so simple yet it had never crossed my mind. In all honesty, I would only do this if I couldn’t get my case below the necessary weight as I like to be organised and, to me, buying stuff on the day is a tad unorganised. When it comes to going on holiday I am definitely in my element. Everything is organised, the cases are packed days in advance so I have time to figure out how  on earth to get my case to weigh less than the allowed limit, I have poly pockets full of print offs and I am also a bossy madam! I absolutely love everything that comes with going on holiday apart from coming home, obviously.



Anyway back to the question at hand, why do I go on holiday?

I think I used to go on holiday to get away, relax and lie by a pool in the sun. However since getting older I have begun to expect more from a holiday. I mainly go on holiday with my boyfriend now and luckily we enjoy the exact same holidays. We go on holiday to explore, to have fun and I suppose to just spend time with each other. While we are at home we of course get time to ourselves however with families, friends, work and everything else it’s nice to get away from everything together and spend some quality time in an amazing location. The last holiday we went on together was Iceland at the start of the year and it was absolutely amazing. Although I knew I no longer liked lying-by-the-pool type holidays going to Iceland made me realise that my reasons for why I go on holiday had changed because, trust me, it is anything but sunny in Iceland in January. Now holidays are not just time to relax but a time to explore. I usually create a list of all the things we want to do while away so we know what we need to fit in before we go home. In between all the activities we always make sure we have a couple of quieter days but I have learnt as I have grown up that you get so much more from a holiday if you explore and discover all the amazing things about the country you are in.




If I could I would travel a lot more. My current wish is to travel across America starting in New York and working my way across to San Francisco hitting places like Washington and New Orleans on the way. Until that becomes reality I’ll just have to dream and keep exploring other places. Also, my boyfriend and I loved Iceland, it is beautiful and if you ever get the chance to go take it cause it is an amazing country, however, we now want to do the Scandinavian countries in the snow as we have been assure they are just as beautiful.

So why do I go on holiday? To spend time in a beautiful location, explore and spend time with the people I love all while being surrounded by culture and having fun.

I’d love you to comment and let me know why you go on holiday….



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Casual Topshop Tailoring







This is a rather simple outfit but I do love it. In last week’s OOTD post I mentioned that the ZARA top I was wearing was not only available in black but in white too. I also mentioned I really wanted the white one and well, here it is. I have styled this in a completely different way to how I styled this top in black last week. This week is more casual and laid back and paired with these amazing trousers. I was in Topshop the other day and spotted these trousers in the sale. Usually when I find something I really love in the sale it is available in every size but mine, however by complete luck they had one size 8 left and for just over £20 I couldn’t resist. This weekend I am off to the Edinburgh Fringe and I think this is what I am going to wear. The trousers are so comfy and although the top is knitted the fact it is sleeveless means I can wear it just now and its great for winter with a big coat on top. Finally, I finished the look off with my white Topshop trainers as I love the whole pairing trainers with tailored trousers look.



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